We’re dedicated to better technology solutions for better healthcare

Our team is passionate about technology. We believe it plays a key role in developing a better healthcare experience – more transparent, more efficient, and more caring.

Better healthcare outcomes start and end with people, but are highly enabled by a sound and well executed technology strategy. Getting the most out of your EHR and other health tech investments is a difficult road. Consider us your expert guide.

That’s right, we’re your expert guide to better technology solutions… a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Why Focus Solutions?

1 – Proven Experience

  • We’ve helped 100+ healthcare organizations since our founding in 2013
  • Our experience transcends EHR – strategy to workflow to integrations to data analytics

2 – Tech-savvy

  • We understand all aspects of health tech & how tools can work together to create solutions
  • Our team includes early adopters of technology and enthusiasts – we take pride in continually learning & innovating

3 – Business-minded

  • Your return on investment is critical – we’re by your side to ensure the intended business outcomes and financial results become reality
  • We’re a small, nimble company where you deal directly with decision-makers… No drama. No red tape.