I’m on the phone a fair amount of the time. And I mean actually talking on the phone, not just staring at it and poking at its screen. It comes with the territory of being a consultant.

Over the last few years, I’ve struggled finding the perfect Bluetooth-enabled headset to make these phone discussions clearer for the other party (let the jokes begin), and more comfortable for me. It’s been a trying search. From the highly rated in the technology journals to recommendations from friends, the answer has evaded me.

About a year ago, I simply gave up and decided to stick with using the simple earbuds provided by Apple. They worked OK, wires and all. A small inconvenience that I could surely overcome. Right?

Well, I continued to struggle and complain about my dilemma…

Then, a month ago my world changed. The Apple AirPods arrived in my mailbox. After much hesitation, I placed my order and patiently waited out their back-order status for weeks. It didn’t matter, they probably wouldn’t work for me anyway.

Boy was I wrong. The AirPods have complemented my iPhone perfectly. They’re unnoticeably comfortable. Those who put up with me on the other side of the line have mentioned how clear my thoughts sound (let the jokes continue)!

A complementary investment that was a fraction of the cost of the iPhone (and its monthly fees), has made the iPhone a significantly better, more effective tool for me. This addition has made my frequent use of the phone more pleasurable. I’m all smiles!

Making the dramatic step to healthcare technology… I’m certain there are things that drive you crazy with your EHR. Fortunately, there are complementary investments, available at a fracture of the cost of the system, that can make it significantly more useful, valuable, and pleasurable for your organization.

After some trial & error, and a bit of resistance to change, I finally optimized my iPhone. Are you ready to optimize your EHR?

Can you hear me now?

Always here to help,