Whether moving to a new EHR, welcoming a new provider, or acquiring a new practice, moving healthcare data can be a challenge.  We can help.  With confidence!

We specialize in navigating healthcare practices through the data migration process – from extraction to conversion to go-live! Our objective is to make your EHR transition as smooth as possible.

Specific services include:

  • Migration strategy development & advisory
  • Project management
  • Fully resourced migration execution
  • Collaborative migration execution with EHR vendors

Our approach

We use a three-stage framework – Prepare, Practice, Perform – as a guide for the data migration process. This framework provides the backbone of our project planning, while also allowing the flexibility necessary to accommodate the unique nature of each migration.



Why to consider Focus Solutions for your data migration needs?

1 – We’re really good at it! – Migration services have become an increasing part of our business due to referrals and acquisition-driven repeat business from delighted clients.

2 – We’re system agnostic – Our team has experience with a plethora of EHR systems. If we don’t have the specific system expertise readily available, we’re very resourceful and will make it happen. Rest assured!

3 – We’re flexible – We’re a small, nimble company where you deal directly with decision-makers… No drama. No red tape.