This word speaks volumes to our team and is the center of our Utilization Audit service. We are passionate about helping your team fully leverage the capabilities of your EHR and practice management systems. Your system implementation is only the start. Let us help unleash your practice’s full capability by meshing together an analysis of your current state and defining a roadmap to your optimal future state.

Specific services include:

  • Utilization Audit analysis (current state) including detailed, actionable recommendations (desired future state)
  • Project planning to shape an approach for executing on actions
  • Project management & change management support to guide your team in taking action

Our approach

During a multi-day onsite visit, we conduct a workflow and software utilization analysis to determine ways to fully leverage capabilities. We work collaboratively with your team to understand your use of EHR and practice management systems, EHR templates, clinical content, and billing, administrative, and clinical workflows.

Throughout the process we openly share our observations and ideas on best practices to consider leveraging. Additionally, we paint a clear picture of an optimized future for you – bringing together people, process, and technology into an actionable roadmap.

Based on client preference, our team is available to actively assist in creating project plans to bring positive action to your future state roadmap. We are also available to collaboratively guide your team through execution of the project plan.

Why to consider Focus Solutions for your optimization needs?

1 – We’re collaborative – Engaging and working with your team is the only way to go!  Sustainable change comes through a combination of best practice knowledge, creativity, and inspired people.

2 – We’re system agnostic & well-rounded – Regardless of your EHR or practice management system, we can help.  Our team has deep understanding of many, many systems.  Just as important, we believe that optimization is not just about the technology.  We take a full, integrated view of your environment – people, process, and technology.

3 – We’re flexible – We’re a small, nimble company where you deal directly with decision-makers… No drama. No red tape.