EHR – Past, Present, Future

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A couple weeks ago I came across the following chart illustrating the growth in EHR adoption since 2011. It was in a LinkedIn post from Jeffrey L. Brown, CIO at Martin's Point Health Care. This chart grabbed my attention, made me scratch my head, and shifted me into a deep state of EHR reflection and time travel. Where have we been since 2011? Where are we now? Where are we going?

Health Tech: Surprising Arrows in Your Quiver

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I'm an Apple guy with Microsoft tendencies. iPhone. Check. AirPods. Right on. MacBook Pro. Bullseye! You see, I love my Apple devices, but remain a huge and growing fan of the Microsoft stack of offerings to help businesses - including healthcare organizations. I have wonderful news to share! Microsoft has equipped you with many arrows. These arrows from are likely already available in your quiver just waiting for you to reach for their fletching. Here are three arrows to consider...