Securely sharing data across systems, tool, and platforms has moved from nice-to-have to essential in today’s healthcare environment.   Data must easily and efficiently move back and forth, in and out of your EHR. Let us demonstrate how exchanging and interpreting shared data can be a breeze… when done the right way.

Specific services include:

  • Integration with 3rd party systems, tools, and apps
  • Supplemental data feeds to insurance companies & other stakeholders

Our approach

We specialize in integrations that require an understanding of both your technology platforms and your workflow to be truly successful. Fortunately, we are well versed in both!

For example, we frequently navigate clients to maximize quality program incentives through customized supplemental data feeds to stakeholder organizations such as insurance companies.

To get theses integrations right, it is important to look beyond the data. We stubbornly avoid assumptions, and instead collaborate with your team to understand the workflow processes that produce the data. This deep knowledge leads to complete data feeds that address each measure of interest comprehensively.

The result? Maximum incentive payments!

Why to consider Focus Solutions for your custom integration needs?

1 – We’re highly regarded – One large stakeholder that most practices work with recently commented, “The groups that Focus has developed extracts for are among very few (of hundreds) that tackled each measure of interest comprehensively and with very few permutations of test files, to boot. That’s definitely something to be proud of.”

2 – We’re balanced – Our recipe for successful custom integrations is equal parts  data expertise and  understanding the workflows and processes that produce the data.  One without the other can work, but only marginally.  Our balanced approach helps you maximize where others may choose to settle for good enough.

3 – We’re flexible – We’re a small, nimble company where you deal directly with decision-makers… No drama. No red tape.