Want Reliable, Specialized GE Centricity Cloud Hosting From A Small USA Based Team?

We work exclusively with small to medium sized Healthcare Organizations providing HIPAA compliant GE Centricity EHR Azure Hosting.

We focus 100% on Healthcare IT so you can focus on delivering quality patient care.

When partnering with Focus, you are leveraging our products and services to move your on-premises EHR solution to a system hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Here’s what you can depend on:

  • Improved IT Economics
  • Top-rate security & compliance
  • Flexibility in IT resource allocation & licensing models.
  • Ability to integrate legacy systems
  • Complete access to data
  • Optimized performance & uptime

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Why The Microsoft Azure Cloud Environment

With the trend toward cloud adoption, Focus Solutions offers its expertise in HIPAA/HITRUST compliance to the widely used Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Azure offers you:

  • Integration with other MS tools by seamlessly integrating MS tools, including SharePoint, Office 365, and Outlook while offering Linux or Windows virtual machine environment.
  • Trust and comfort in the most popular, reliable, and effective cloud tools.
  • Managed (IaaS) and unmanaged (PaaS) services. Healthcare organizations using IaaS solutions can outsource their cloud infrastructure with a pay what you use feature. Alternatively, PaaS solutions allow an organization to build and customize their own applications to meet their demanding business needs without the IT infrastructure costs.

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Why EHR Solution?

Focus Solutions builds, migrates, manages, and supports all your Azure applications – no matter how complex, while ensuring HIPAA & HITRUST compliance. Our experienced team of engineers and compliance experts set up your Azure environment according to HIPA compliance requirements and deliver 24/7 support to ensure your Azure solution remains compliant. With our security (required encryption levels) and support features, you can be assured that you meet HIPAA and HITRUST standards.

We ensure the HIPAA/HITRUST Azure Security Envelope extends Azure’s built in IaaS and PaaS security compliance to include all applications and data operating in the cloud, which means all Personal Health Information (PHI) is completely secure and protected from unauthorized access.

  • Our solution will save you time, reduce your costs, and mitigate any risks for your organization by implementing and supporting only components that are HIPAA compliant. Focus Solutions also will assist you in securing a Microsoft Business Associate Agreement.
  • EHR’s security controls and processes are audited yearly to ensure we continue to meet HIPAA/HITRUST regulations.
  • Focus Solutions offers a dedicated and expert compliance team to assist you in meeting your organization’s HIPAA compliance goals.
  • We also offer specialized services for Independent Software Vendors who must meet HIPAA requirements and for those who seek to move their applications to a hosted SaaS model.

Contact one of our HIPAA support team members to learn more about how our EHR solution will help you meet your HIPAA/HITRUST compliance and organizational needs.

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Benefits of Azure Hosted EHR System Managed by Focus vs. Other Hosting Options

  • Dedicated vs. Multi-Tenant Environment
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Un-restricted system and data accessibility
  • Ability to leverage any and all best in breed technologies to create the absolute best user experience (ie. Citrix, RDWeb, etc.)
  • Hosting environments that get faster and cheaper every year
  • Segmentation of software vendor and cloud infrastructure (e.g. ability to change PM/EHR systems without moving clouds)
  • Complete transparency over hosting environment (e.g. if things are slow you know why AND have the controls to increase resources to improve performance)
  • Best HA (High Availability) and DR (Disaster Recovery) options available on the market
  • Datacenters that are second to none from a security and intrusion prevention standpoint
  • Complete flexibility over hosting environment allow you to move any other workloads (e.g. file servers, AD servers, non EHR business and productivity environments, etc.) to the SAME cloud environment if and when it makes sense to do so

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Why Choose Focus Solutions for Azure-based EHR Deployments and Management?

Partnering with Focus will not only empower your innovation on the Azure platform but also make your life much easier and worry-free.

We understand the need to focus on business initiatives without sacrificing security and interrupting day-to-day operations all while maintaining a friendly, high touch working relationship.

Imagine yourself working with a partner who meets the following criteria:

1 – We’re highly regarded – One large stakeholder that most practices work with recently commented, “The groups that Focus has developed extracts for are among very few (of hundreds) that tackled each measure of interest comprehensively and with very few permutations of test files, to boot. That’s definitely something to be proud of.”

2 – We’re balanced – Our recipe for success is equal parts data expertise and understanding the real-world workflows and processes that produce the data.  One without the other can work, but only marginally.  Our balanced approach helps you maximize where others may choose to settle for good enough.

3 – We’re USA Based – We are located in the midwestern United States. You are only a direct call away from personalized support from an expert who is close to home in a time zone close by.

4 – We’re Flexible – We’re a small, nimble company where you deal directly with decision-makers… No drama. No red tape.

5 – We Specialize– Unlike many other providers, we only work with Healthcare Organizations. You can rest assured knowing that you are partnered with a specialist. We monitor every nuance as it relates to healthcare rather than being spread too thin trying to serve multiple industries.

Cloud Lifecycle

Our cloud experts guide future-proof architecture planning, implementation, migration, operation, and optimization.


Industry-leading SLAs and 24/7/365 response and resolution ensure that your environments are monitored, managed, and under control.


We provide advanced monitoring, custom data policy management, and solution governance to meet security and compliance needs.


Our competitive Azure pricing, financial optimization strategies, and single-vendor billing save you money and time.


Comprehensive managed services for security, provisioning, scaling, backup, database, OS, network, and storage.

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