4 Tips for a Smooth EHR Move

Moving to a new EHR?  How often do you find people actually wanting to you help you with a move?  Well, we’re here for you!

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When our team thinks of the data migration process from one EHR to another EHR, we often think of the whole process of moving to a new home.  The healthcare data and documents are the possessions that need to be safely packed, transported, and unboxed.

In this free eBook, we play part realtor and part mover as we whittle down our team’s experience with hundreds of data migrations into four key tips for you

  • Assess your healthcare data “possessions”
  • Know your mover options (and the dynamics)
  • Understand the moving plan
  • Consider a “storage unit”

Let’s roll-up our sleeves and start packing. Now is your time!  Fill out the form to gain instant access to this eBook…

“Proper preparation and testing are essential to the execution of successful data migration on moving day.”

~ Bruce S. Founder & Sr. Healthcare Advisor